3 Important Things in Poltava Slot Review: You Need to Know

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Poltava slot is an insanely beautiful slot machine with the theme of the battle near the city of the same name. A war-themed slot machine. Is that extra exciting? In the case of this brand new online slot, designed by Swedish game developer Elk Studios: yes, it is.

Perhaps that is not surprising, since the battle of the city of Poltava (Ukraine, 1709) was already a nerve-wracking event at the time. The Russians fought against the Swedes, or rather, the other way around.

The Russians won.

You can win too, because the Poltava machine has two bizarrely exciting features that can make a lot of money thanks to stacked symbols and sticky wilds.

Poltava Slot Review

The slot Poltava has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines that you always play with the minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $100.

1. How Does The Poltava Work?

The soundtrack is particularly ominous during the regular role-playing game and gets nice and bombastic during the bonus rounds. We think that has something. You are completely absorbed in the slot machine while you play.

The ending is also beautifully animated. Even Disney’s designers probably couldn’t have done better.

You play with military symbols: a soldier, a cannon and a horse. In addition, there are the eternal card symbols A, K, Q, J and a 10. And there is a joker, namely a blue signet ring with the inscription Poltava Wild (yes, how do they get on it).

Finally, there is a roaring lion called Bonus Lion.

2. The Features

Poltava has two features like these below.

Flames of War Free Spins

If you spin three lions on the reels, the Flames of War Free Spins will start.

You get three free spins, where you keep the three lions as sticky wilds. If you add a new joker, this sticky will also be and you will get an extra free spin.

In theory, it is possible that the entire slot will be filled with 20 jokers. We came during his 1000 spins once to 9 jokers.

Marching Reels

If you play an entire roll full of the same army unit (soldiers, cannons or horses), the Marching Reels feature starts.

You get a free re-spin. Keep your army units on the full roll. On all reels to the left of it, the same units will appear on the middle two rows.

If you now turn on the roll to the right of the full reel at least one more time such a unit, you will get another re-spin. 

The full roll moves one to the right, like an army moving up on a battlefield. With a bit of luck, you can slowly fill the entire screen with the same symbols.

3. The Results from The Game

After playing 1000 spin, we found these important results for you. 

  • Result after 1000 spins: $33,45 loss
  • 5 highest prices: $13,90 / $12,85 / $10,65 / $5,75 / $5,50
  • Marching Reels: 26x (avg. profit $2,80)
  • Flames of War: 5x (avg. profit $6,23)
  • The payout percentage (RTP) is 96.4% according to Elk Studios

In the end, Poltava slot is a cool slot to watch and play on, thanks to its two original and nerve-wracking features.

The Marching Reels are, if you are lucky, a feast for the eyes. And for your wallet, very clever of the makers to process the war theme so well in the game. However, if you need some games which can give you the atmosphere of a real casino, you can check out pasarqq

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