The Inspiration Behind Creating Precious Moments Collectible Dolls & Precious Moments Figurines

Have you ever wondered who the designer was behind those adorable Precious Moments Dolls and Figurines? Who came up with the idea and what inspired them to create such innocent little faces? Was the designer a man or a woman? Well, I am about to tell you about the beginnings of the Precious Moments Collectibles.

Samuel Butcher is the original creator of the original Precious Moments figurines. He is a man of great faith, and his humble spirit has led him to love all people ラブドール . He didn’t always feel connected to his family and early on he knew he was interested in art. His brothers and father were interested in motorcycles and cars, while Sam liked to read and draw. This did not always receive the support of his father.

Early in life he had several people that influenced him and helped lead him to walk with the Lord. He eventually got involved in children’s ministry, the Children’s Evangelism Fellowship, and drawing illustrations on Christian album covers. It was during this period in his life he met his future business partner, Bill Biel.

Sam had never really intended for the drawings of tear-drop eyed children to be for anyone else to see other than to comfort family and friends. However, they ended up becoming popular and found their way into inspirational greeting cards. Then in 1981 the first two Precious Moments figurines were produced. They were the “Jesus Loves Me,” girl and boy doll.

Years later, The Doll Maker, Linda Rick, was asked to help design a new line which is the Precious Moments Collectible Doll Line. She has been designing dolls for Precious Moments since 1990, and she has brought a feminine touch to these limited edition dolls. These dolls vary from 7″, 12″, to 16″. Linda started selling Precious Moments Dolls in several different venues. She first appeared on QVC, then later at several different event signings when she realized she had developed quite a following with all of her different lines of dolls. Linda has brought her amazing unique talent to this company, and is now the Vice President at Precious Moments Company.

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