Is an Online Associate Degree Good Enough?

There is no remorse greater than the lost time. That is the reason there are so many phrases on the importance of time like time and tide wait for none. Many of us do have that secret desire that if we were given a choice to go back in time we would set a few things right. Most of us if we were given the choice to go back in time, we would choose to study further ahead.

Most of us are eager to be on our own and pounce on the first job that comes our way. We are not in a mind set to understand the importance of formal university education further ahead in life. We let go of the education far too easily and the time slips from our hands like sand làm bằng đại học . They say Opportunity does not knock twice. Thanks to the online education, opportunity seems to be knocking once more. You can actually fulfill your dream without actually turning the clock.

Let us know something more about these online associate degrees. Some universities, (also some very well known) are accredited for online degree course. While choosing the university you need to be prudent about the authenticity of the university. The accreditation of the university can be confirmed from the US education accreditation site. Similar such education boards must be available for universities in different countries like UK and Australia.

There are a number of courses offered for the degree level of which four are basic. These are Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), and Associate of Science (AS). Associate of Arts (AA) equips you with art as your graduation subject. It is a very job friendly course. Languages, fine arts, finance all come under this course. Associate of Science (AS) equips you with science subjects again very job friendly. Both these courses are given preference over the high school education. They add feathers to your resume.

The basic sciences and some mechanical subjects come under this course. Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) is also a very job friendly course. It deals with specific skills that are required in any occupation. It trains you in skills and training in a particular field.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS), it is a course that deals in advance studies in science and its application. This course is of interest to people who want to pursue further deeper studies in science. People who are interested in Masters Program in science can opt for this course. It deals more in mathematical concepts and applied science and its fundamentals

The first question people ask when confronted with the idea of applying for an online degree is usually about its credibility compared to traditional degree routes. People are often worried that an online degree will be viewed by employers as a lesser qualification and that job candidates from campus universities will be favoured over candidates who have obtained online qualifications.

In an age where everything from newspapers and television to shopping centres and auction houses going online the progression of online adult education onto an internet platform is not that surprising. Moving away from the traditional to something new is almost always viewed with suspicion and the stigma that some un-reputable ‘online university degree’ programmes (pay and receive) have given online qualifications has not been forgotten.

Online education has seriously advanced over the past few years and more and more employees are realising that in some cases, an online degree can be of more value than a ‘traditionally’ received qualification. Online courses allow students to hold down jobs and create their own learning timetables which mean that many job candidates with online degrees will be able to offer good work experience alongside academic accreditation.

Of course you need to make sure that the online university course you choose is reputable and not from one of the ‘free degree’ e-mails that appear in your junk mail inbox. You should also take the time to research student testimonials, the ‘facilities’ that your online university will offer and the support you can expect to receive through your learning. Check out quality sites like

Online UK universities such as Kaplan who work with the University of Essex offer the opportunity of Foundation Degrees to working adults. These kind of online degrees are a great example of what online university courses now offer adult education.

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