Most Powerful Stun Gun – The Benefits of Owning One

 Most Powerful Stun Gun – The Benefits of Owning One

As you can see by browsing the internet for a stun gun, there are many different shapes, sizes and power output you can choose from. The sole purpose of any stun gun is to buy you some time in order to find safety if an assailant were .38 special ammo  to choose you for his next prey. You, nor I, want to be involved in that kind situation and we should be willing to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our loved ones from that kind of violent behavior.

So you ask, what is the best stun gun to have? Everyone has a different opinion but one thing remains a fact, the more powerful the stun gun the more effective it is taking down an assailant. All stun guns have high voltage and low amperage, some being stronger than others. This means that stun guns are a very effective non-lethal means of self defense. Have you ever wondered if you could get shocked while using a stun gun on an attacker if he were touching you? Don’t worry, it will never happen. That is the beauty of high voltage and low amperage. Household electrical current is the opposite with low voltage (around 220) and high amperage (between 100 & 200 amps). That is what can seriously hurt someone. The amperage is the key factor to how severe you could get hurt. Typically, most stun guns work in the 7 to 14 amp range and household amperage is 28 times stronger than that. Just to give you an example of high voltage and low amperage. I know you have been shocked when touching a door knob or something metal. A shock like this has about 25,000 volts. Enough to get your attention but doesn’t hurt.

What happens when an attacker or an assailant is touched with a stun gun? First, I want to explain how the stun gun works. The stun gun pulsates at a rapid rate. When the attacker is touched by the stun gun, the stun guns energy is dumped into the attackers body, the stun gun interrupts the neurological signal the brain sends to the muscles. The energy makes the muscles work in a high rapid rate depleting the muscles of all blood sugars and turn them into Lactic acid. This affect makes the assailant very weak, unstable and disoriented. A ½ second contact will cause the attackers muscles to contract and react by jumping back. A 3 to 5 second contact with the most powerful stun gun will put even the most aggressive attackers on his knees preventing him from any further aggressive behavior. Even the weaker stun guns do a good job of stopping an attacker, but I believe a 950,000 to 1,000,000 (or more) volt stun gun will be more effective in taking him down and giving you more time to find safety.

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